ARES SEIKI - CNC Driil&Tap Machine

Horizontal CNC Tapping Center




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Drilling Machine / Tapping Machine

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5-axis CNC Tapping Center
Compact mechanical construction & 3 axes
are equipped with roller guide ways suitable
for medical equipment, aerospace equipment,
3C, automobile, motorcycle...etc.


Machine Speacification Unit A5X403
Table size mm ∅255
Max. Table load kgf 50
Max. Workpiece dimension (∅ x height ) mm ∅360 x 250
Min Indexing precision of c axis rotary degree 0.001
Cumulative indexing precision of C axis sec 15
C axis repeatability accuracy sec 4
Slope angle of A axis degree ±110
Cumulative indexing precision of A axis sec 60
A axis repeatability accuracy sec 8
Max. Speeds for A,C axis rpm 33.3
X, Y, Z axis travel mm 400 x 500 x 400
3 axes rapid traverse m/min 48 /48 / 48
3 axes bidirectional accuracy of positioning mm VDI 3441
3 axes bidirectional repeatability of positioning mm VDI 3441
Spindle speeds rpm 10000
Spindle taper   BT30
Pull stud   MAS403 P30T-1 (45º)
Spindle Driven   Direct-drive
Spindle nose to table mm 30~430
Spindle center to Z path mm 570
Spindle motor Mitsubishi kw 5.5 / 3.7
FANUC kw 5.5 / 3.7
X drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
FANUC kw 1.6
Y drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
FANUC kw 1.6
Z drive motor Mitsubishi kw 3.0
FANUC kw 3.0
A drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.5
FANUC kw 1.6
C drive motor Mitsubishi kw 1.0
FANUC kw 1.0
Magazine capacity  no. 20+1
Max. tool weight kg 4
Max. tool length mm 200
Max. tool diameter mm 60 (80)
)ATC time(T~T) sec 2.2
Tool change Type   Arm Type
Tank volume   260
Colant pump rate w 600 x 2pcs
Flow rate 136
Chip flush type   Flushing type
Auto. chip converyor   OP
Net weight kg 3900
Floor space mm 1970 x 3032 x 2700



  Mitsubishi FANUC
Max.controlled axis 5 5
Max.simultaneous axis 4 4
Standard controlled axis 5 5
Program storage length 512kb 512kb
Work piece coordinates 54 54
Macro common vaiables 700 600
Tool offset pairs 400 400
Convesatiom programming NAVI Manual guide 0i
Monitor 8.4"TFT LCD / 10.4"TFT LCD (OP)
Multi-language display O O
ABS servo motor O O
Tool length comenstion O O
Tool path compensation O O
On-screen drafting O O
High speed data serve & Ethernet O OP
High speed & high accuracy machining control mode G05.1 Q1
Interface RS232 / RJ45
Memory card input / output O O
   O : Standard  X : None  OP : Option