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CNC Multi-Spindle Combination Machining Center

CNC Multi-Spindle Combination Machining Center


3D multi-spindle machining center for high-efficiency production enables flexible programming to achieve 5~10 time the output of one central machining center and NC lathe while occupying less space, requiring fewer operators and lower maintenance cost, handling simultaneously tri-directional (0°,90°,180°) processing of asymmetrical castings, forgings, bars/rods without secondary clamping to achieve high concentricity, symmetry, verticality parallelism, with CPK value exceeding 1.33.
Logical multi-spindle alignment Servo-slide simultaneously tri-directional (upper, middle and lower) processing Chuck faceplate (1,500mm dia. & 0.02 planar tolerance) for exchange, clamping and quick positioning. High-strength, high-precision synchronizing chuck for minimal blank OD change and synmetry of output.

Procssing examples

4" to 8" Ling hot water pipes 20mm~15mm water meter head Gas solenoid valve Faucet
 Hot water trachea joints  Hot All kinds of copper fittings  Electronic connectors  Lock
 Hot water Aluminum forgings, aluminum extrusion, Auto part, bicyclejoints  Aluminum and zinc castings, motor housings, auto parts  Aluminum and zinc castings, power tools, home appliance parts  Pneumatic solenoid valve Part