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CSD200 / CSD200 Dual-G



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Lathe Machine

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The CSD-200 Series of parallel twin two spindle CNC lathes feature X-axis box way slides and linear roller ways for the Z-axis.

A dual robot is available for high speed and high output production.

  • 6" - 8 " chuck
  • Quick and accurate automated turning and handling of complex parts reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Turret capable of achieving speed of 0.26 sec/index.
  • Swivel control panel
  • Rear or optional side positioned discharge chip conveyor
  • Maintenance items are all conveniently located in one section of the machine
Machine Specification Unit CSD200 / CSD200 Dual-G
Work size inch ø120x60
Max swing dia mm ø250
Spindle dia mm 80
Spindle nose   A2-5
Spindle bore mm 42
Spindle speed min-1  Max.4000
Spindle motor (Cint./15 Min) kW 5.5 / 7.5
Number of tool station Position 8
Chuck size inch 6~8
Slide stroke X-axis mm 120
Z-axis mm 150
Repid traverse X-axis m/min 24
Z-axis m/min 24
Feed setup Unit X-axis mm 0.001
Z-axis mm 0.001
Servo motor X-axis kw 1.2
Z-axis kw 1.2
CNC control   FANUC 0i-TD
Power capacity KVA 40/40


Robot specifications Unit CSD200 / CSD200 Dual-G
Robot type   LX-30S
carrying capacity kg 3 + 3
Robot controller   Max-SP1-SRV


Machine size Unit CSD200 / CSD200 Dual-G
Floor space >>>Footprint mm x mm 1900 x 2150
Machine height mm 3045 (Robot included)
Machine weight kg 4500 / 5000