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Lathe Machine

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The CSD-400 Series of parallel twin two spindle CNC lathes feature both Z- and X-axis box way slides for heavy cutting, superior surface finish and longer tool life.

This series is equipped with Fuji-engineered hydraulic clamping gantry robot loaders to maintain tight tolerances.

  • Reliable automated heavy parts loading - 300mm x 150mm 
    (11.8 x 5.9 inch) and 15kg + 15kg capacity
  • 10" - 12" workholding
  • Quick and accurate automated turning and handling of complex parts reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Turret capable of achieving speed of 0.41 sec/index.
  • Swivel control panel
  • Rear or optional side positioned discharge chip conveyor
  • Maintenance items are all conveniently located in one section of the machine


Machine Specification Unit CSD400 
Work size inch ø300x150
Max swing dia mm ø420
Spindle dia mm 120
Spindle nose   A2-8
Spindle bore mm 67
Spindle speed min-1  Max.2200
Spindle motor (Cint./15 Min) kW 15 / 18.5
Number of tool station Position 12
Chuck size inch 10~12
Slide stroke X-axis mm 195
Z-axis mm 315
Repid traverse X-axis m/min 24
Z-axis m/min 24
Feed setup Unit X-axis mm 0.001
Z-axis mm 0.001
Servo motor X-axis kw 1.8
Z-axis kw 1.8
CNC control   FANUC 0i-TD
Power capacity KVA 64/36


Robot specifications Unit CSD400 
Robot type   LX-30B
carrying capacity kg 15 + 15
Robot controller   Max-SP1-SRV


Machine size Unit CSD400 
Floor space >>>Footprint mm x mm 2720 x 2360/1490 x 2360
Machine height mm 3715 (Robot included)
Machine weight kg 7500 / 4500