Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathe

DIAMOND CSL 20/25/32


SIMPLICITY ~ Precision ~ Speed DURABILITY ~ Stability


Cross spindle and bevel
drill /mill toll holes will help
you to do drilling, milling
and tapping on cross side
and bevel.
Main spindle and back
spindle can work
simultaneously or seperately.
The attachable CF spindle
will be helpful to do special
Working Range Max. turning dia. Ø20 mm Ø26 mm Ø 34 mm
Max. turning length   268 mm 268 mm
Max. drilling dia. Ø16 mm Ø20 mm Ø26 mm
Max. tapping dia. M12 M16 M16
Tooling System O.D. tooling   6  
O.D. tool dimension   □16x16x120  
I.D. tooling   2  
I.D. tool dimension   25 mm(ER20)  
Cross side tooling   6  
Cross side tool dimension   25 mm(ER20)  
Cross spindle speed   200~6000 rpm  
Bevel drill / mill tool holes and speed (option)   3
100~6000 rpm
Front drilling holes   2  
Back drilling holes(option)   3  
Back tool holes(option)   4  
Spindle Spindle hole dia. Ø24 mm Ø26 mm Ø 34 mm
Spindle speed 200~8000 rpm 200~8000 rpm 200~6000 rpm
Back Spindle Back spindle hole dia. Ø 20 mm Ø 25 mm Ø 32 mm
Back spindle speed 200~8000 rpm 200~8000 rpm 200~8000 rpm
Max. length for front ejection   268 mm  
Max. part projection length   180 mm  
Max. back drilling dia.   Ø 16 mm  
Max. back tapping dia.   M12  
Rapid Speed X1, Z1 axis   18 m/min  
X2, Z2 axis   18 m/min  
Y1 axis   18 m/min  
Motors Main spindle motor 3.7/5.5 kw 5.5 kw 5.5 kw
Back spindle motor  1.1/2.2 kw 2.2 kw 2.2 kw
X/Y/Z axis   1.1 kw  
Coolant pump   0.25 kw  
Lubrication   4w  
Machine Dimensions Center Height   960 mm  
Weight   3988 kg  
Machine Size   2480 x 1380 x 1780  
Air Air Pressure   5kg / cm  
Air Supply   10L / min