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Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathe


Po Ly Gim introduces the smallest Swiss type CNC lathe : the Diamond CSL 12-2Y.With a 12 mm bar capacity and up to 10 working axes,
the compact Diamond CSL 12-2Y doesn't compromise capability for size.
Among its unique features are two Y-axes and six fully programmable (360 degree )tools that work on both the main and sub-spindle.
The Diamond CSL 12-2Y is suitable for producing small electronics parts and is mill turn capable.
ITEM UNIT Diamond CSL 42-2Y
Y1 Y2
Working Rang Max.Machining Dia. Ø42mm Ø42mm
Max. machining length 280mm  
Max. Drilling Capacity Ø30mm Ø30mm
Max. Tapping Capacity M16 M16
Tooling System and Power Turret O.D. Turning Tool 5  
O.D. Turning Tool Dimension 20x20x120  
I.D. Tool Dimension   Ø25mm
Cross Tool (Power - driven tool) 4  
Cross Tool Dimension 16 mm(ER25)  
Cross Tool Speed 200~6000 rpm  
Power-driven Tool / station   12
O.D. Tool Dimension   20x20
Max. O.D. turning tool / station   6
Max. O.D. bore Tool / station   6
Power-driven Tool Dimension   16 mm(ER25)
Power-driven Tool Speed   200~6000 rpm
Max. Radial Mill / Drill Tool / Station   12
Max. Axial Mill / Drill Tool / station   12
360° Automatic Roytary Driven Tool Speed   6
Spindle Spindle Hole Dia. Ø42mm  
Spindle speed 200~6000 rpm  
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle Hole Dia.   Ø42mm
Sub-spindle Speed   200~6000 rpm
Max. Length for Front Ejection   120mm
Sub-spindle Max. Drilling Capacity.   Ø30mm
Sub-spindle Max. Tapping Capacity.   M16
Rapid Speed A axis 30m/min 30m/min
X1,Z1 axis 30m/min  
Y1 axis    
X2,Y2,Z2 axis    
Travel A axis   460 mm
X1 axis 45 mm  
Z1 axis 300 mm  
Y1 axis 360 mm  
X2 axis   230 mm
Z2 axis   480 mm
Y2 axis   185 mm
Motor Main Spindle 7.5 kw  
Sub-spindle   7.5 kw
Y1,Y2 Axis 1.0 kw 1.0 kw
A,X1,X2,Z1,Z2 Axis 1.0 kw 1.0 kw
B Axis    
Rotary Tools / B Rotary Tools 1.5 kw 2.2 kw
Coolant Pump 1.5 HP 1.5 HP
Lubrication 25 w 25 w
Machine Dimensions Center Height 960mm
Weight 6380kg
Dimension 3000 x 1800 x 1980
Air Pressure Air Pressure 5 kg / cm
Air Supply 10 L / min

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