Po Ly Gim introduces the smallest Swiss type CNC lathe : the Diamond CSL 12-2Y.With a 12 mm bar capacity and up to 10 working axes,
the compact Diamond CSL 12-2Y doesn't compromise capability for size.
Among its unique features are two Y-axes and six fully programmable (360 degree )tools that work on both the main and sub-spindle.
The Diamond CSL 12-2Y is suitable for producing small electronics parts and is mill turn capable.
ITEM UNIT Diamond CSL 42-2Y
Y1 Y2
Working Rang Max.Machining Dia. Ø42mm Ø42mm
Max. machining length 280mm  
Max. Drilling Capacity Ø30mm Ø30mm
Max. Tapping Capacity M16 M16
Tooling System and Power Turret O.D. Turning Tool 5  
O.D. Turning Tool Dimension □ 20x20x120  
I.D. Tool Dimension   Ø25mm
Cross Tool (Power - driven tool) 4  
Cross Tool Dimension 16 mm(ER25)  
Cross Tool Speed 200~6000 rpm  
Power-driven Tool / station   12
O.D. Tool Dimension   □ 20x20
Max. O.D. turning tool / station   6
Max. O.D. bore Tool / station   6
Power-driven Tool Dimension   16 mm(ER25)
Max. Radial Mill / Drill Tool / Station   12
Max. Axial Mill / Drill Tool / station   12
360° Automatic Roytary Driven Tool Speed   6
Spindle Spindle Hole Dia. Ø42mm  
Spindle speed 200~6000 rpm  
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle Hole Dia.   Ø42mm
Sub-spindle Speed   200~6000 rpm
Max. Length for Front Ejection   280mm
Sub-spindle Max. Machine/Turning Length   280mm
Sub-spindle Max. Drilling Capacity.   Ø30mm
Sub-spindle Max. Tapping Capacity.   M16
Rapid Speed A axis   30m/min
X1,Z1,Y1 axis 30m/min  
X2,Y2,Z2 axis D 30m/min
Motor Main Spindle 7.5kw  
Sub-spindle   7.5 kw
Y1,Y2 Axis 1.0kw 1.0kw
A,X1,X2,Z1,Z2 Axis 1.0kw 1.0kw
B Axis   0.75kw
Rotary Tools 1.5kw 2.2kw
Coolant Pump 1/2kw 1/2kw
Lubrication 25w 25w
Machine Dimensions Center Height 960mm
Weight 6380kg
Dimension 3000 x 1800 x 1980
Air Air Pressure 5kg / cm
Air Supply 10L / min