Modular Production Equipment



Automatic woek conveyance

Internal work handing units allow fully automatic line configuration
Work removal performed in 5.8 seconds reducing




Two modules can be set on one base.
You have flexible processing on the standardized bases.



Modules can be pulled forward

lndividual modules are capable of being pulled forward 700 mm allowing ease of changeover and maintenance.


Entire line length productivity

Save the productionspace with DLFn


Entire line length reduced by 50%

Production is possible in less than half of the space required by current Fuji mode.


Max. Part Size ø200 mm (ø7.87")
Max.Swing ø310 mm (ø12.2")
Spindle diameter ø80 mm (ø3.15") ø100 mm (ø3.94") ø120 mm (ø4.72")
Spindle Nose A 2-5 A 2-6 A 2-8
Spindle Bore ø47 mm (ø1.9") ø56 mm (ø2.2") ø67 mm (ø2.6")
Spindle Motor 7.5KW (10 hp) / 11 KW (15 hp)
Spindle Speed Max 4,300 Max 4,000 Max 3,000
Spindle Motor (option) / 11 (15) / 15 (20)*1 KW
Spindle Speed (option) / Max 3,600 Max 3,000
Number of stations 8
Cutting Tool Square Shank ☐25 ฺBoring Bar ø32
Cutting Tool (option) Capto (Type-C4)
Chuck Size 6~8" 8~10" 8~12"
Slide Stroke X-axis : 200 mm (7.87")  Z-axis : 230 mm (9.06") 
Rapid Traverse X-axis : 24  Z-axis : 24 m / min
Feed Setup Unit X-axis : 0.001  Z-axis : 0.001 mm
Module Weight 2,000 Kg