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FP Series 400-1000 tons 

Hot Forging Presses FP Series


High Speed Forging Press is suitable for processing forgings needed in hand tools,
autos, motorcycles, bicycles,trains, ships, machine tools, textile machines,woodwork
machines, conveying equipment, mining machinery, hardware parts, etc. It's an
indispensable machinery equipment for modernized forging plants,because it can
produce precision forgingsthat can meet customer's quality and delivery requirements.
The machine is a sharp production tool for forging plants.


Model Unit FP-600 FP-1000
Capacity tons 600 1000
Stroke of ram mm 200 250
Adjustment of ram mm 10
Number of stroke spm 95 85
Work number of stroke spm 18 16
Shut height mm 650 800
Rated tonnage point mm 5
Ram dimension mm 690 x 630 940 x 850
Table dimension mm 880 x 880 1100 x 1050
Side window mm 500 x 500 700 x 650
Main motor kw x p 37 kw x 8 p 55 kw x 8 p
Ram of adjustment motor kw x p 0.4 kw x 4 p 0.75 kw x 4 p
Motor of lubricating kw x p 0.1 kw x 4 p 0.1 kw x 4 p
Ejector in the ram Ton - mm 6 Ton-20 mm 2.5 x 3 = 7.5 Ton - 30 mm
Ejector in the table Ton - mm 12 Ton - 40 mm 8 x 3 = 24 Ton - 40 mm
Ejector hydraulic oil motor kw x p 5.5 kw x 6 p 7.5 kw x 6 p
Working number-distance Number-mm 1 3-200
Air pressure kg/cm2 5
Press weight kg 40,000 72,000
Press dimension mm 2260 x 3550 x 4970 2800 x 4300 x 5800



Advantages Design
High Production Efficiency Longer Die Life High Stroke Speed Ram and Bed Ejection Design
High Precision Forging Parts Stable Product Quality Extended Eight-Faced Guide Ways Unique Connecting Rod Design
High Safety Standard Ensure the Safety for Operator and Machine PLC Multi Circuit Loop System,Micro Computer Load Meter
Fulfill the Environmental Protection Standards Flywheel Transmission Has Low Noise Decibel
Easy to MaintenanceEasy to Operate Well Designed Lubrication System Mold Stuck Releasing System
Iron, Aluminum, Copper and Titanium Alloys are Practicable in forging Longer Stroke Distance Shut Height is adjustable