Grinder Drill : Drill Bit Re-Sharpenner Twist Drills



For 12mm-26mm Twist Drill

Re-shapening Angle 90~140

(Optional collets and adapter for 3mm-7mm and 23mm-25.4mm drills)

Model GS-21
Drill Diameter Ø12~26mm
Point Angle 90~140
Power Supply AC110V 50/60Hz AC220V(Opt.)
R.P.M. of Motor 3280 R.P.M.
Grinding Wheel CBN#200
Weight N.W. 19.8Kg G.W 22Kg
Machine Size L:365mm W:204mm H:223mm
Packing Size L:430mm W:270mm H:270mm
Type of Thinning X Thinning
Standard Accessories Collet x 15 pcs
Collet Holder x 1 set
Metal Shim 0.1 mm x 2pcs / 0.3mm x 1 pcs
Hexagon Wrench 3mm x 1pcs / 5mm x 1 pcs
Optional : SD Grinding Wheel for Carbide Drills
GS-21 Optional Accessories
GS-21 / P-D Optional Collet Set Ø23mm~Ø25.4mm (4 pcs)
GS-21 / P-E Optinal Collet Set+Adaptor Ø3.0mm~Ø7.0mm (5 pcs)
GS-21 / P-E Imperial Collet Set+Adaptor Ø3.5mm~Ø6.5mm (4 pcs)
GS-21 / P-F Imperial Collet Set Ø2.5mm~Ø21.5mm (20 pcs)
GS-21 / Optional Collet Set Ø26mm (1 pcs)
GS-21 P-SD SD Grinding Wheel for Carbide Drills
Portable LED light