Knee Type Milling Machine Series





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Machining Machine / Milling Machine

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Model JY-2VHT
Table Table size  mm 1300x300
X axis travel  mm 1000
Y axis travel  mm 360 ( 390 Manual )
Z axis travel  mm 450 ( 490 Manual )
T-slot (Size x numbers x distance)  mm 16x3x63
X, Y axes feedrate (variable) mm/min 2500
X, Y axes rapid travel mm/min 2500
Z axis rapid travel mm/min 750
Vertical Spindle Turret Head Spindle speeds  rpm 16 steps, 75-3600(Stadard)
Quill travel  mm 140
Quill freedrate (3 steps)  mm/rev 0.14
Spindle nose   N.T.S. 40#
Swivelling angle of spindle head (R & L)   45
Swivelling angle of overarm   360
Overarm travel rpm 660
Spindle nose to table surface mm 110-560
Spindle center to column mm 110-700
Powerful Vertical Head Spindle speeds rpm 9 steps,85-1300
Spindle nose   N.T.S. 40#
Spindle nose to table surface   0-386
Spindle center to column   369
Horizontal Spindle Horizontal Head Spindle speeds  rpm 9 steps,85-1300
Spindle nose (N.T.S.)   N.T.S. 40#
Dial of milling arbor  mm 25.4
Spindle center to table surface  mm 0-450
Spindle center to overarm bottom  mm 369
Motor Turret head spindle   5HP Pole change motor
Horizontal spindle   5HP x 4P AC motor
Table longitudinal & Cross feedrate   750W servo motor
Vertical feedrate   1HP x 6P AC motor
Coolant pump   1/8 HP
Elevation motor   /
Lubricator pump   /
Turret pump   /
Dimensions External dimensions(LxWxH)  L 2060x1820x2240
Net Weight (Approx)  kgs 2650/2950
All speccifications and desingns are subject to change without prior notice.