Double Column Surface Grinding Machine




● The compact surface grinder to grind the wide work such as large metal mold, large plate and ceramics plate.

● Universal head equipped for grinding the slide-ways of machine tools or industrial machines, jigs and the component of general precision machines.

● Large box design castings are made of high quality ribbed cast iron. - X-axis table with Turcite-B lining, Y &Z axes are box ways with AC servo drive.

● The large spindle is support by CP4 precision angular contact ball bearings. 20HP motor ensures powerful accurate cutting.

● The overhead dresser is integrated into an automatic wheel compensation system.

● An independent control box with an ergonomically designed panel offers a comfortable and convenient operation environment.

● Modern 10.4” color LCD touch screen panel, simply touch the screen to set the grinding variables.

● Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) is also provided for user’s convenience for both down feed and cross feed.

● Sizes available from ( 1500~2500 )mm by ( 2400~8000)mm.

However large your workpiece is, KENT can build the perfect double column surface grinders for you. With the heavily reinforced rigid structure of the machine base and worktable, KENT can guarantee surface accuracy.

KGP-1524D longitudinal travel: 100"
KGP-1532D longitudinal travel: 132"
KGP-1542D longitudinal travel: 172"
KGP-2050D longitudinal travel: 220"
KGP-2580D longitudinal travel: 340"


Specification Unit KGP-1542D/1560D
Capacity Table working area mm 1500 x 4200 / 6000
Longitudinal travel mm 4300 / 6300
Distance between columns mm 2000
Table & Crossfeed Table load including magnetic chuck kgs 10000 / 14000
Table speed m/min 5 ~ 25
Rapid crossfeed mm/min 10 - 2500
Auto crossfeed increment mm/time 0.002 ~ 50
Auto continuous crossfeed mm/min 10 - 2500
Horizontal Head Spindle center to table mm 1155
Elevation speed mm/min 0.002 ~ 0.010
Elevation jogging mm/time 2 ~ 500
Auto downfeed increment mm/time 0.002 ~ 0.099
Auto downfeed times time 0 ~ 9999
Wheel dimensions (OD x OD x T) mm

Ø510 x 100 x Ø203

Spindle motor HP 20
Spindle speed (50HZ/60HZ) rpm 840 / 1020
Cross travel mm 1750
Vertical Head Max grinding height mm 840
Elevation speed mm/min 2 - 500
Elevation jogging mm 0.002-0.010
Auto downfeed increment mm/time 0.002-0.099
Auto downfeed increment time 0-9999
Swivel (Left / Right)   60° / 60°
Wheel dimensions (OD x OD x T) mm Ø355 x (38-50) x Ø127
Spindle motor HP 10
Spindle speed (50HZ/60HZ) rpm 1400/1760
Cross travel mm 1750
Size (Single head) Net weight kgs 45000 / 55000
Gross weight kgs 49000 / 59000
Space occupied mm 13030 / 16030 x 4800 x 4500 
Size (Double head) Net weight kgs 51000 / 61000
Gross weight kgs 55000 / 66000
Space occupied mm 13030 / 16030 x 6100 x 4500 

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