CNC Automatic Carbide Sawing Machine High-Speed for non-ferrous metals





  • Automatic for Metals

  • Automatic for non-ferrous metals



CNC Controlled with PLC Modular Unit POD (Programmable Operation Display)

  • 7.7" color high-resolution Touch Sensing Screen

Real Time Monitoring

  • Cut-off time detecting
  • Workpiece quantity display
  • Tool currently cut-off quantity display



Alarm Message Display

  • Error auto detecting function
  • Self diagnosis function
  • Trubleshooting instruction



Servo Feed Saw Head

  • Accurate, smooth and low vibration during cutting.
  • Allow reducing speed at Tangent point before the saw cut into the bar.
  • Overcurrent speed down function.

Length & Qty

  • Length setting is controlled with Servo-Positioned unit
  • Saw blade thickness by inputting
  • Target quantity by inputting
  • Tool life management
Cut-off Time Calculated
  • System included the varied cutting
  • Data by touch on paging button



Multiple Length
  • No cost losing by long rest piece





  • Motion controller system is used of progressive servo-positioned control unit. High capability man-machine inter face design provides 100% signal communication for no losing that have built-in perfect modular set device, error auto detecting function, self diagnosis function.
  • 7.7" color LCD has a high-resolution display screen, you just only be required to touch the characters for display or inputting data by touching on the screen. User-friendliness of man-machine interface displays varied functions settings, error report, operating condition...etc..
  • It combined with the centalized operating panel that provided with easily realize and handle all characteristics of machine within the shortest training period.
  • Sawblade feeding was designed with Pivot-Arm type then drove by AC servo motor and Ball-screw.
  • G.F.C loading system is driven by AC servo motor that cooperates with ball-screw, backlash compensate automatically, and also the reliable precision of repeated positioning is presented.
  • 2mm kerf of TCT carbide tipped sawblade, low losses from cut to cut.
  • Mis cooling & lubricating system was equipped for cut-off working. It matches up the working environment dry and clean requirement, reduce fluid consumption, increase sawblade life, and dry chips recycled easily without pollution.
  • Trubleshooting Initial crop and rest piece delivered by independent direction from workpiece.


* The specifications subject to change without prior notice.


Model KTC-100NF
Cut-off Capacity Round Bar ● 10 ~ 100 mm / 0.3993 ~ 3.937 in
Square Bar ■ 10 ~ 80 mm / 0.3993 ~ 3.149 in
Round Tube ○ 10 ~ 100 mm / 0.3993 ~ 3.937 in
Square Tube □ 10 ~ 80 mm / 0.3993 ~ 3.149 in
Saw Head & Spindle TCT Carbide tipped sawblade Ø355 x 2.0 t mm
Sawbilade feeding Pivot-arm type / AC servo motor + Ball-screw
Main vise One horizontal / One vertical / Hydraulic
Sawblade rotation speed 1600 ~ 4000 rpm Variable speed via frequency inverter
Motor Spindle driving motor 11.25 kw (15Hp) / 2p
Hydraulic pump motor 2.25 kw (3Hp) / 4p
Ac servo motor / GFC 1 kw
AC servo motor / Saw head 2 kw
Hydraulic Device Work driving pressure 70 kg/cm2 (7 MPa)
Tank Capacity 90 liters / 23.78 gallons
Pneumatic Device Work operating pressure 4 ~ 6 kg/cm2 (55 ~ 85 psi)
Others Gross electrical power 18 kw
Dimension (L x W x H) 6966 x 1655 x 1845 mm / 22.85 x 5.43 x 6.05 in
Net weight 2700 Kgs / 5940 lbs