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CNC Wire Cutting Machine

LA350 / LA500

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เครื่องจักรอุตสาหกรรม เครื่อง CNC
เครื่อง Wire Cut เครื่องไวร์คัท                
CNC Wire cutting Machine


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Fusing cut wire system It makes wire heating ,strength then cut wire , the head of brass wire becomes sharpness , which makes the wire thread in to small hole with narrow gap easily. Make sure the success rate of auto wire thread.



Wire sending-receiving system-The system open the electrode sending-receiving ,when the threading and wire break restore not in a good condition.

  • The system stops threading when the wire is bended to touching the sensor
  • The system opens return functions automatically
  • The system re-sending wire when the wire is straight


To exchange date from the couple of the workshop is very simple and quick through standard in ter face port (LAN USB)



Windows xp system ,touching screen ,convenient and efficient menu ,easy to operate ,easy to learn



High performance and panel and showing machine mechanical coordinate ,which makes operator great facility



High brightness LED flash light ,which enable operator can see the details of workpiece



Removable plate of the water sink The left plate of water sink can be removable , which clamp workpiece easy and convenient ,furthermore the size of workpiece more than water sink also can set



Double side conductor It's easy to replace and locate. More than 30 times



Filter convenient replacement Filter is above the liquid ,connected with water pipe while make to change filter easy



Model LA350 LA500
Machine Size Workpiece Size mm 600 X 400 745 X 510
Machine Diameter mm 2120 X 2500 X 2080 2420 X 2500 X 2150
Water Tank Size mm 1400 X 750 X 1240 1400 X 750 X 1240
Controller Size mm 1330 X 620 X 1800 1330 X 620 X 1800
Weight Max. Weight of Workpiece kg 350 700
Machine Body Net / Gross kg 1990 / 2290 2640 / 2940
Water Tank Net / Gross kg 330 / 580 330 / 580
Controller Net / Gross kg 620 / 760 620 / 760
Worktable Travel XYZ Stroke mm  350 X 250 X 220 500 X 350 X 270
UV Stroke mm 70 X 70 70 X 70
Max. Taper Angle mm ±15°/100 mm ±15°/100 mm
Max. Workpiece Thickness mm 210 260
Machining XY Axis Linear Scale   Standard
Corner Control   Standard
Parameter Library   Standard
Machining Method   Flushing
Max. Machining Current A 25
Wire Electrode Wire Diameter Range mm  Ø 0.15-0.3
Wire Feed Rate  m/min 1.8 - 12
Weight of Call  kg 5
Wire Tension  kgf 0.2 - 2.0
Dielectric Tank Capacity 440
Deionizer   lon-exchange resin
Filtering Method   Removeable Filter
Filter Quantity  PC 1
Display Type 15' inch TFT-LCD   Standard
Power Requirement     10KVA
AWT (Auto Wire Thread)     Option


  • The Max. cutting speed is the speed of first cutting
  • AWT : Option.