Auto numerical control circular sawing machine



Standard Accessories

  • Basic machine frame.
  • Auto feeding rack.
  • Auto oil mist spraying system.
  • Super head saw blade 1 pcs.
  • Steel brush.
  • Spiral type chip removing gadget.
  • Quarts working lamp.
  • Tool gap offset gadget.
  • Auto lubrication system.
  • Frequency converter.
Model NC-150-4A
Cut-off capacity Round Bar Ø35 ~ Ø150 mm
Square Bar 70~110 mm
Length of rest material 70+Cutting length (25+Patent)
Material length can be put 2000~6000 mm
Feeding length per time 580 mm
TCT Carbide tipped sawblade Ø 460x60Px2.7/2.35x50-S-TA PCD 14x4x90 mm
HSS Saw Blades Ø 450x3.0t (Optional)
Saw blade rotation speed 18~140 rpm
Chip cleaner for saw blade Round Steel brush
Spindle driving motor 15HP/4P(11Kw)
Feed servo motor 1KW
Cutting Servo motor 3KW
Hydraulic pump motor 3HP/4P(2.2KW)
Work driving pressure 70 kg / cm²
Work operator pressure 4~6 kg / cm²
Cut-off cooling Air compressed oil mist
Cutting Fluid motor -
Tank capacity 110L
Dimension (LxWxH) 2240x2180x2100 mm
Machine+Rack 7100x2240x2100 mm
Net Weight 4200kgs
All Sepcification, dimensions and design characteristics show in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.