Horizontal & Vertical Milling Machine

PF-3S / PF-3VS


Touch the screen and enter commands for host

"R" system : Automatic system
NC high precision milling machine

Conception :
No complicated G&M codes.
No skillful technician required, anyone can easily to learn and master.

Description :
Touch screen and set commands for host to drive axial motors (power feed, Gear motor, Server motor, ...ect...) axes.
There also have real botton for tapping and spindle reverse rotating.
P" system automatic-can be equipped the following machine
Model : PF-2S, PF-2VS, PF-3S, PF-4S, PF-4VS, PF-5S, PF-VS, PF-6S, PF-6VS, PF-6H, PF-6VSH, PF-8S

 Mechanical Patent NO : M465975  
Table size 254 x 1270 mm
Longitudinal Travel (X-axis) 830 mm
Cross Travel (Y-axis) 410 mm
Knee Travel (Z-axis) 410 mm
T-Slots (3) 15.9 mm
Vertical Head  
Quill Travel 127 mm
Quill Diameter 85.725 mm
Spindle Taper R8 or N.S.T#30(N.S.T#40~O.P.T)
Quill Feeds  
Spindle Motor 3 HP (5HP~O.P.T)
Step Spindle Speeds 50HZ:70~2720 16speed-70~4530 r.p.m (O.P.T)
60HZ:80~2720 16speed-80~5440 r.p.m (O.P.T)
Vertical Spindle Speeds 50HZ:60~3250 r.p.m
60HZ:70~3900 r.p.m
Overall height A 2526 mm
Overall depth B 2000 mm
Overall width C 1688 mm
Ram Travel 560 mm
Over Arm Swivel on Turret  360
Head Tilt Font-To-Back 40-0-45
Head Tilt Left-To-Right  90-0-90
Approx Net Weight 1110/1190 kgs
Packing Dimension 1610x1490x1860 mm
Note : We reserve the right to modify and improve our products