CNC Profile Machining Center

PIA Series


● PIA Series products are suitable for : light cutting aluminum,copper processing,

drilling,milling,tapping for profile processing.


Model PIA Series
Travel X Axis mm 2500 / 3500 / 4500 / 6500
Y Axis mm 400
Z Axis mm 400
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 12000/15000/20000
Spindle taper   BT30
Spindle nose to table mm 150
Table Max. loading kgs 1500
T-slot center distance mm 100
Number of T-slot   4
Feedrate X Axis speed m/min 60
X Axis speed m/min 28
Z Axis speed m/min 28
Precision Position precision of X Axis mm 0.05
Position precision of Y Axis mm 0.02
Position precision of Z Axis mm 0.02
Position precision of X Axis mm ±0.01/500
Position precision of Y Axis mm ±0.01/300
Position precision of Z Axis mm ±0.01/300
Tool magazine Quantity tools 16-T
Tool change time sec 2
Motor Spindle driven motor kw 5.5
X/Y/Z driven motor kw 1.8
Lubricating system Lubricating system   Automatic Lubricating
Cooling system   Water cooling
General Air required   6
Operation system   FANUC/MITSUBISHI
Machine height mm 2600
Machine wigth mm 2600