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● PIA Series products are suitable for : light cutting aluminum,copper processing,

drilling,milling,tapping for profile processing.

● PIA Series : Suitable for Drilling, Tapping, Machining Long Aluminium Profile such as Door edge, Window edge, Furniture strip

● PIA Series + Rotary Table 360degree(4th axis) : Suitable for Automotive parts accessories such as Roof rack, Bumper, Side step, etc.

   Since these parts need to be drilled, tapped and machined for more than 1 side, therefore the Rotary table (4th axis) will facilitate the user

   for processing these parts. It can reduce Production line setup time.


   < Sample processing VDO as below >




Model PIA Series
Stroke X Axis mm 2500 ~ 6500
Y Axis mm 400
Z Axis mm 400
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 12000 / 15000 / 20000
Spindle taper mm BT30 Ø100 (Outer diameter)
Tool Tool magazine   Arm type
Pull studs format    
Capacity of tools magazine pcs 16
Tool change time sec 3
Moving Speed X Moving speed m/min 60
Y/Z Moving speed m/min 28 / 28
X/Y/Z Feeding speed mm/min 15000
Power of Motor Spindle driven motor kw 9
X/Y/Z Driven motor kw X axis 3.1, Y/Z axis 2.7
Lubricating System Lubricating system   Automative Lubricating
Cooling system   Water cooling system
Precision Position precision of X axis mm 0.05
Position precision of Y/Z axis mm 0.02
Repeating position (X/Y/Z) mm ±0.01 / 300
Size of machine Air pressure kg/cm2 6
Operation system   Siemens / Fanuc
Height mm 2600
Area mm 4600~9000 x 2500
Weight kg 7000~11000