KCM - Punching Machine

Cutting Machine

RF-320C / RF-320I


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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

  • Upper cutter of different applications is individually installed for punching, notching, bending, pipe cut of round and square shape, also notching on square pipe to best utilize the machine.
  • Robust casted body assures stability even in the continuous cutting, accurately machined and heat treated gear and shaft warrants durability of machine.
  • Specially designed 3 in 1 lower cutter made of high quality steel allows clean and perfect cutting of angle, bar and flat easily without changing the cutter.
  • Movable solid rubber wheels cope with the the demand of mobility both indoor and outdoor.
  • Semi-auto lubrication system ensures most smooth running and least maintainance.
  • Dual operations by either handle or pedal switch achieve most convenience and effeciency.


Cutting Machine



Model RF-320C RF-320I
Pressure (T) 50  50
Stroke SPM 70 60
Long (mm) 40
Motor Body 3 HP (4P) 
Oil Supply    
Feeding speed (m/min) 45 
Speed Reducer (1/20 kw) 2HP 
Main Air Pressure (Kg) 5-6
Body Long x Wide x High (m/m) 800x700x1100  1100x850x1600
Feeding Pack 6500x1520x1050  6500x1520x1050
Body Weight (Kg) 1000  2000
Feeding Back 2500 
Feeding Pack (Ø) Quality Anti Tension Big Small Big Small
S 45C 60 32 10 32 10
S 58C 70 28 10 28 10
SCM415 90 24 10 24 10