CNC 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

TG-5 Master


Spec/Model TG-5 Master
General Capacity 
Max. workpiece length 200 mm
Max. workpiece diameter Ø200 mm
Grinding Spindle and Motor 
Grinding spindle speed 1000 rpm ~ 9000 rpm
Grinding spindle motor 7.5 kw(10HP) / 11 kw(15HP)
Grinding spindle diameter Ø100
Grinding spindle taper BT-50
Radial resolution 0.001
Axis travel 
X Axis Linear motion 375 mm
Y Axis Linear motion 230 mm
Z Axis Linear motion 170mm
C Axis Linear motion 0~360
A Axis Linear motion -10~190
Rapid traverse X,Y,Z 6000 mm / min
Axis Motor and Coolant System 
X Axis servo motor 1.48 kw
Y Axis servo motor 1.48 kw
Z Axis servo motor 1.48 kw
C Axis servo motor 0.82 kw
A Axis servo motor 0.82 kw
Coolant 3HP & 2HP
Lubrication 25 W
Controller IPC + SIEMENS
Floor space 3200 x 2300 x 2250 mm
Weight 4530 kg