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Wire Cut HB400 / HB600

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เครื่องจักรอุตสาหกรรม เครื่อง CNC
เครื่อง Wire Cut เครื่องไวร์คัท                
CNC Wire cutting Machine


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Wire Cut HB400 / HB600



Revolutionize WIRE CUTTING process with Molybdenum wire to reduce the cost by 10X

LED Light

The machine tool is equipped with high-brightness LED light and working condition indicator light*, enabling you to grasp the running state of the equipment at any time. *represents options


Centralized Lubrication

Screws of guide rails are lubricated by lubricating pump to make maintenance of the machine tool more conveninet,and waste oil is collected in a centralized way to keep the workshop clean.


Protect Environment

Frame-shaped water-retaining structure prevents leakage of the cutting fluid in the machining area to keep the work environment clean.


Elevating manger

The brand-new elevating manger can be lowered to "0" without being opened or removed,making it more convenient to set work-pieces and greatly saving the space.



Two ways of wire threading meet different machining needs and substantially prolong service life of the guider. Unified locating datum is used for all guide wheels,making it very easy to be replaced.



Independent layout of X axis and Y axis and optimal configuration of high-quality thick-walled castings and stiffeners for the body of machine tool fully inhibit deformation of the body under load. With compact structure and reasonable layout,the whole machine tool only covers an area of 4 m2 ,greatly saving the space in your plant.



The new generation of 4 axes servo system meidum-speed wire cutting machine HB400 with performance comprehensively innovated, perfect integrated design and minimum space in workshop help you to realize maximum production value. 

  • Best Surface Finish is below Ra 0.6 μm
  • Maximum efficiency is up to 300 mm2/min
  • Unique nonelectrolytic power supply technology


Model  Wire Cut HB400  Wire Cut HB600
Machine Body X,Y Table Travel mm 400 X 300 600 X 400
Wire Diameter mm φ0.10-0.25 φ0.10-0.25
Wire Traveling Speed m/s 1.18-11.8 1.18-11.8
Machine Weight Net/Gross kg 2260 / 2560 2260 / 2560
Machine Dimensions L*W mm 1640 X 1650 1965 X 1800
Workpiece Max. Workpiece Thickness mm 300 400
Max. Taper Angle  °/thickness mm 20°/100 20°/100
Max. Workpiece Size mm  580 X 460 X 300 1250 X 700 X 400
Max. Workpiece Weight kg 500 900
Dielectric Tank Filtering Precision mm  0.01
Capacity L 130
Working method   Multi-filtration system
Pulse Power Max. Cutting Speed mm2/min ≥300
Best Surface Finish Ra ≤ μm 0.6
Max. Cutting Current A 12
CNC Power Supply Unit Hardware Configurations   LCD,AC Servo System,Import Inverter
Connecting Port   USB , LAN
Program Code   ISO Code
Axis Numbers   4-axis Simuitaneous Control , Realizing pitch compensation
Joy Stick   Standard
Language   Chinese , English , Korean , Japanese
Aluminum Machining   Option
Titanium Machining   Standard
Z axis Motor   Standard
Power Supply Power   3~380V±10% 50±1Hz
Working Temperature Range   10-35°C
Power Consumption   1.2KVA