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CNC Lathe Machine

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Spindle speed : 3200 rpm
Spindle speed (full power output) : 233 rpm
Swing over bed : 700 mm
Max turning length : 586 mm

Rigid & Precise Spindle
  • The maximum spindle speed is up to 6000 rpm spindle nose runout is within 0.003 mm (0.0001")
  • Spindle front side is specially adopted large diameter roller bearings and angular contact ball bearing to achieve the best cutting capacity.
    There's optimal span and balancing support between the front and rear roller bearings. This design resists the radial load and provides excellent cutting condition in high and low speed.
  • Strong headstock utilizes heat symmetrical and dissipation slot design to reduce thermal deformation value and rise stable cutting accuracy.
  Rugged & Stable Base
  • The powerful one-unity-shaped base structrue is professionally developed by 3D-CAD and FEM analysis to let the inner walls be perfectly strengthened with rigid ribs. It increases whole machine's rigidity and stability, keeps long term of reliable cutting accuracy and extends tooling life
  • Low gravity center of 45 slant bed design makes chips remove easily, load and unload conveniently. It also boosts machining capacity and decrease deformation.
High Speed Servo Turret
  • The turret rotation and indexing is driven by a powerful servo motor which provides accurate positioning, fast and stanble tool change.
  • Servo turret deploys three curvic couplings clutch and hydraulic clamping system to gain high tor que output and low noise.
  High Precision Ball Screw & Linear Guide
  • Heat treatment and precision ground ball screw assures excellent and longer sustained accuracy.Each axis has pre-extension design which offers greater machining rigidity and reliability.
  • Latest an durable linear guide provides smooth and fast movement.
  • 30 m/min.(1181ipm) rapid traverse reduces non-cutting time and increases productivity.
ITEM Specification YLM-10A
General Capacity Swing over bed ø700 mm (ø27.6")
Swing over cross slide ø495mm(ø19.5")
Std. turning dia. ø495mm(ø19.5")
Max turning dia. ø490 mm(ø20.7")
Max turning length ø586 mm(ø23")
Distance between center ø710 mm(ø28")
Travel X axis 260(235+25)mm/10.2"(9.3"+0.9")
Z axis 586mm(ø23")
Guide way Linear guides
Spindle Spindle nose A2-8
Spindle bearing dia. ø130 mm (ø5.1")
Max Spindle speed 3500 rpm
Spindle bore 90 mm (3.5")
Draw tube bore 75 mm(3")
Chuck size 10 inch / 3-Jaw
C-axis min. index angle -
Turret Turret type mm/inch
Driven way servo motor
No. of tool 12
Tool shank size ±25mm(±0.98")
Max.boring bar dia. ø40 mm (ø1.57")
Tailstock Driven way Programmable hydraulic
Guide way Linear guides / Square way (opt.)
Center MT# MT#5
Travel 680 mm(26.7")
Feedrate X/Z axis rapid feedrate 30 m/min.(1181 ipm)
Cutting feedrate 1260 mm/min.(49.6 ipm)
Servo Motor Spindle motor 15 / 18.5 kW
Spindle speed (full power output) 233 rpm
Axis motor X:3.0 kW, Z:3.0 kW
Servo motor 850 W(1.1hp)
Power turret motor -





CNC Controller Specification YLM-6
Motor Chip conveyor motor 188 W(0.25hp)
Coolant pump motor 700 W(0.93hp)
Hydraulic pump motor 1510 W(2hp)
Dimension Floor space(LxWxH) 2950x1890x1990mm(116.1"x74.4"x78.3")
Net Weight 4650 kgs (10230 lbs)


  • To keep improvement new design, the specifications will change without prior notice.